Osaka, Japan

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Osaka is located on the island of Honshu in Japan. It is a large port city and commercial center popularly known for its night life, street food, and modern architecture. The city also happens to be an interesting tourist destination and is home to various amusement parks, nature parks, shrines, temples, and other historical landmarks.
Other attractions include Sumiyoshi-taisha, one of Osaka’s oldest Shinto shrines. The other shrines and temples such as Koya-San’s and Nara’s temple are easily accessible by train. Osaka is also home to world famous museums that include the Osaka Museum of History, Maritime Museum, and Kamigata Ukiyoe Museum. The Osaka Aquarium, Universal Studios, Dotonbori, Nakonshima Park, Utsubo Park, Tennoji Park, and Nagai Park are some of the other popular attractions to cover on a visit. When it comes to authentic Japanese cuisine, Osaka is undoubtedly one of the best places for foodies to explore. The city lives up to its unofficial slogan ‘kuidaore’ or ‘eat until you drop’. Among the popular Osakan dishes worth sampling include Takoyaki, Battera, Kushikatsu, and Okonomiyaki.

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